What Is Stone-Coated Roof Tiles?

Stone-coated steel roofing is finished with a thick layer of stone that permanently adheres to the surface and provides the decorative look.

Advantages of Stone-Coated Roofing Sheet

Excellent Durability

The Stone Chip Coated Roof Tiles are made from high strenght Alu – Zinc Az150 as the base material, and has a multi-layer protective treatment that ensures excellent. corrosion resistance.

Light, Versatility and Economic.

The weight of 0.5mm thick Stone Chip Coated Tile is only 1/6 of the weight of a regular cement tile. It is therefore convenient to install and remove, and guarantees substantial savings in construction time and costs.

Reverse Side Coating

For additional resistance to corrosion, the product is coated on the reverse side with very high quality anti-corrosion paint made from internationally approved chemicals, in addition to the high density stone coating on the surface.

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